A travelling band of misfit heroes, all half breeds, on an adventure to destroy the rising power of a chaos storm and sort out their own personal problems as well. The characters include Niorah the half-orc, Thelen Vos the half-elf, and Tiaria the halfling. Half, Half, and Half is the adventure of unlikely companions through the world of Olmeos, travelling from city to city searching for whatever the Mage Requa thinks will help them on their quest.


**Disclaimer: All of the pictures used on this campaign’s wiki, character pages, and front page were found using the Google Image search function. In no way am I intending to use these images for profit, simply for flavor and to give my players a more visual sense of the game and my setting. I would like to thank all of the artists who have posted these images online and made them accessible to the public. Special thanks to Poppie and Hannah who made the character profile pictures possible. If you find your artwork on this page and would like credit, please email glitteringbutt@outlook.com with your information and which picture you would like credit for.

Half, Half and Half

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