Thelen Vos

Male Half-Elf Sorcerer


Level 8

Initiative +7
Strength 10 +4
Constitution 13 +5
Dexterity 16 +7
Intelligence 13 +5
Wisdom 10 +4
Charisma 20 +9


18 Armor Class
15 Fortitude
17 Reflex
21 Will


60 total Hit Points
30 Bloodied
9 Healing Surges per day
15 Hit Point Surge Value

16 Cannibal’s Stamina

Skills Trained


Powers and Feats

At-Will: Chaos Bolt; Storm Walk
Encounter: Explosive Pyre; Magic Missile; Flame Spiral; Spark Form
Daily: Dazzling Ray; Chaotic Defence; Glacial Armor
Utility: Dragonflame Mantle

Disciplined Wild Soul
Rising Spellfury

Weapons and Equipment

Staff of the War Mage
Mace of Sleeping

Flameburst Cloth Armor
Gloves of Agility
Bracers of Mighty Striking
Flame Dagger
Wyrmtooth Dagger
Staff of Vicious Battle
A pouchbelt

Adventuring Gear:
Tent, Bedroll, Firesteel
50 ft. Hempen Rope
Tankard of Moradin
Sunrod (3)
The Alchemist’s Handbook

Food and Drink:
Rations (8)
Journeybread (2)
Etched Journeybread

Magical and Alchemical Supplies:
Flask of Stormclaw Venom
Flask of Ambush Spider Venom
Flask of Green Dragon’s Blood (2)
Flask of Deathjump Spider Venom (1/2)
Wax-sealed, Treated Flask of Nether Remains (1/3)
Bottle of Mysterious Water
Jar of Ochre Jelly Slime
Treated Flask (1)
Bottle (1)
Green Dragon Scales (3)
Green Dragon Teeth (2)
Spiretop Drake Claws (9)
Gnarled Branch
Vial of unknown Yellow Powder
Vial of Aubergine Powder
Vials of Bone Meal (3)
Bag of Incense
Scroll of Potion Brewing
Talent Shard
Life Shroud

Assorted Wealth:
932gp 285sp 0cp
Moss-agate Crown
Hematite Crown
Bolt of Silk
The Skull of Black Stone



Thelen Vos was the first child of a minor elfen noblewoman and a human ranger. He was born in a remote elfen enclave on a warm Midsummer Eve. As near as Thelen can tell, his parents had a happy marriage, and Thelen’s early childhood was full of excitement and adventure. Often his father would take him on walks around the enclave or through the surrounding woodlands, teaching him basic knifework and herblore, and telling him wondrous tales of faraway places. His mother taught him basic hedge-magic, the rules of etiquette, and some language skills.

Although he struggled with some social ostracism due to his mixed heritage, Thelen’s innate charisma and cleverness won him many friends. At the age of 12, Thelen was taken as an initiate in a nearby wizards’ circle, where he quickly gained a reputation as an incorrible trickster and skillful mage. Jaded by the strict order enforced by the mages, Thelen pursued other, more dangerous magical paths. Despite the risks Thelen strove to gain greater arcane insight outside the controlled confines of wizardly magecraft. One night, while perusing a tome of ancient arcana, he encoubtered a strange rune; upon carving its likeness into a ritual implement a blinding light and deafening sound dominated Thelen’s senses.

When he came about, Thelen was not nestled amongst the clutter of the mages’ keep. Indeed, he could see no sign of civilization. The ancient trees around him told him that he must have enterred the Feywild. Full of awe and terror he wandered- searching far and wide for food, water, and adequate shelter, and fending of all manner of threats both mundane and arcane. Long weeks stretched to months before he found such haven, and by that time both Thelen Vos and his magic had been irrevocably affected by the Wild. The studied patience and scholarly calmness Thelen learned at the keep gave way to quiet resolve and savage pragmatism. His once refined, elegant magic became far more primal and was stronger for it.

When he first found signs of other nonhostile inhabitants of the Feywild, Thelen was elated. A traveling troupe of gnomes they were, and Thelen lived amongst them for two years, during which time he ate, drank, reveled, and shared tales with them. In time, Thelen met other folk- gnomes, eladrin, trolls, and all manner of other Fey. Five years after he first began to wander the Wild, Thelen met a god. Emmantiensien- He who is slow to rouse but is great in might when stirred to action- became fast friends with Thelen after the bold young sorceror- without regard for his own safety- helped him stave off a band of maraudin Fomorians from desecrating a sacred grove. The two often spoke, and frequently traveled together before Thelen left the Feywild.

Another god with whom Thelen Vos associates is Fionnghuala, Lady of the Swans, whose followers and spirit-kin Thelen never harmed during his stay in the Wild. One day, as eventide drew near, Thelen went alone to the edge of a swanpool to watch the birds. She came to him then, clad in white feathers, hair red as flame and eyes more green than the forest’s leaves. Laughing and smiling, the young elf and the goddess spoke for what seemed to Thelen an eon. He loved her. He was stirred to tears when she left him, but he knew they would meet again.

Ten years passed before Thelen knew how to return to the plane of his birth, and he had change since last he saw it. Thelen knew he wanted to see his old home once again, but knew not how much leaving his new one would hurt.

Thelen Vos

Half, Half and Half Vargold