Female Halfling Ranger


Level 8

Initiative +9
Strength: 15 +6
Constitution: 11 +4
Dexterity: 21 +9
Intelligence 13 +5
Wisdom 19 +8
Charisma 12 +5


19 Armor Class
17 Fortitude
19 Reflex
18 Will


58 total Hit Points
26 Bloodied
8 Healing Surges a day
13 Hit points surge value

Skills Trained In:


Powers and Feats

At-Will: Fading Strike, Nimble Strike
Encounter: Disruptive Strike, Spikes of the Manticore, Two-Fanged Strike
Daily: Excruciating Shot, Split the Tree
Utility: Crucial Advice, Yield Ground
Feats: Far Shot, Lethal Hunter, Lost in the Crowd, Nimble Dodge, Twilight Adept, Cunning Sneak

Weapons and Equipment

Arrows x104
Blue Quartz
Bow of Cold
Bracers of Archery
Burglar’s Gloves
Chime of Awakening
Cheese Wheel (x2)
Climbing Kit
Cured Meat (1/2 lbs)
Dead Thug’s Finger
Finger Bone with Bronze Ring
Fire Arrows x30
1 Gluepot, 13 Stinkpots
Instant Campsite
Magic Hide Armor of Raw Muscle
Salt (1lbs)
Scalebane Bow
Short Sword
Shot Glass
Sling (x2)
Standard Adventurer’s Kit with a full water skin
Sunrod x2
Talent Shard
Thieves’ Tools
Torches x2
Wineskin (full)

Healing Potion
Potion of Aptitude
Potion of Clarity (x2)
Potion of Resist Necrotic
Tracking Dust (x3)
Salve for Wounds (bandages included)

Notable Loot:
Blue Quartz
Bronze Crown (x2)
Dragon Teeth (x3)
Lyre of Othmess
Mysterious Unknown Key from Cult of Vecna
Sentimental, Decorative Dagger of the Grays
Talent Shard


Tiaria Shortcloak was born to two young Halflings in the small village of Grasshollow. Unfortunately, her mother did not survive long after her birth, leaving Tiaria in the care of her father, Tralannan. She had a pleasant enough childhood with her father, helping him to catch and sell what game they could from the surrounding forest to the local butcher. When she was not helping her father, she was out exploring the small area of forest that Tralannan allowed her to wander through. It was on one of those occasions during the autumn of her seventh year when she unsuspectingly witnessed the murder of her father. While returning from the small enclosure of the forest, she saw a tall, cloaked figure carrying a staff flee from her home, stuffing a small item into his satchel. As the figure reached the line of trees closest to her home, Tiaria saw him turn, raise his staff, and her home burst into flame. She raced back to try and find her father, but to no avail. The small Halfling home containing her entire world was destroyed.
After the burning of her father and her home, Tiaria was forced to learn to survive on her own. Already held in low standing among the Halflings of Grasshollow as the main cause for her mother’s untimely death, she was pushed from society after her father died. There were no other Halflings to witness the cause of the destruction of her home, and so in turn disregarded her account of the incident and instead blamed her, even at her young age. Very few Halflings ever spoke to her again, and many refused to help her survive. She cast herself into the forest among the familiar and forgiving trees, and used her knowledge of trapping small game she learned from her father to eat. When game became scarce, Tiaria wandered into the village to scrounge for scraps. Farmer Gray and his wife, Maybelle, were the kindest of the Halflings in the village. They took pity on the young Halfling and while not able to take her in, were able to feed her during the worst of times and give her the barn to sleep in on the coldest winter nights. As Tiaria grew up, her skills became more advanced, and she was able to fasten herself a sling to hunt larger game. With the increase in skill and availability of larger game, she was able to not only return her gratitude to the Gray family by supplying them with meat, but she also was able to sell any leftover meat to the village’s butcher. This earned her a small role in the village and lessened the dislike towards her minimally, but did not remedy it enough to return entirely. As Tiaria reached her fourteenth year, she deemed herself advanced enough in skill to leave the small protection and stability of Grasshollow. She left the small area of forest she knew to venture out and live on her own. She adventured through the majority of the forest that encompassed Grasshollow, travelling far to the northeast. She became very connected with the nature of the forest, and gained invaluable knowledge and developed great skill through her wanderings.
As she reached her current age, she found herself becoming surer of her capabilities as a ranger, and began to wander into villages and forts near her current camp. She would occasionally sell any game she had caught, but during these brushes with civil life she would try her hand at thievery. After a time she became talented, and began to attempt for larger and larger prizes. On one such occasion, while visiting Fort Summit just south of Grasshollow, she was caught attempting to steal from the fort’s armory and was nearly beheaded by the half-orc, Niorah. However, after a chase and resulting scuffle, Tiaria and Niorah couldn’t help but to appreciate each other’s abilities and from there formed a strong bond. As neither of them were deemed to fit into their respective societies, they decided to venture out together, and see the world. It was along the way that the two met the half-elf Thelen Vos, and while Niorah did not trust the sorcerer, Tiaria found his ramblings and mannerisms interesting and entertaining, and so invited him to join their small group.
Despite not having developed into maturity inside the civility of her village, Tiaria never became bitter to her situation. She was able to keep the mischievous nature that comes easily to Halflings, while still able to fight her way craftily out of any situation she found herself in. She is seemingly good-natured when in contact with others, though calculating the possible outcomes in all situations and therefore never fully trusts anyone. However as she continues to journey on with her two companions, Tiaria is learning to place the entirety of her trust in them as they have already saved her countless times from sure death.


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