Half, Half and Half

Session VII: Strange Messages

Niorah’s mother Gertrude knelt in soft red robes mourning her late husband? Lover? Morbash the One-Eyed. But there was something horribly wrong. The tomb that was supposed to have contained Morbash’s remains was empty. The stone encasement was cracked and opened. The top was in two, one piece lie on the floor and a mysterious note was left behind. This note, The Graverobber’s Message was nothing more than a scrap of parchment with a drawing of an eye in the palm of a hand upon it. Whatever epitaph or message that used to be on the wall behind the tomb was destroyed, completely unreadable as it was scratched and in places, chiseled out.

They were then approached by Niorah’s half-brother Borg. He looked remarkably like Niorah though a full orc and much taller. He informed them that Morbash’s spear was also gone in addition to his body. They talked for a moment about their father and her mother. After this brief conversation, Niorah had a private word with her mother. Niorah was angry and confused. Why had she been led astray all her life? She had been told to hate the orc people and almost shunned for her orc blood. Life growing up in the fort was very difficult for her, made even more so by the constant distance between her and her mother. And all of a sudden she learns that he father was a feared and respected man and she is supposed to change everything she knew about him? Gertrude repeats her apologies, trying to make Niorah understand that she kept the truth from her for a reason.

Gertrude didn’t want Niorah to grow into a power hungry person like her father and she feared that Morbash’s killer was still alive. Yes, Morbash had died in battle however, he was killed by someone reportedly on his side of the battle lines. His killer was never identified nor found. Fearing for her safety, Gertrude stopped visiting the fort and continued the charade with Niorah. Gertrude also tells Niroah about the attack on the fort but gives no helpful information other than there were no kobolds attacking, things were much darker and sinister. A dark, almost hysterical laugh broke from the sky then the storm and blackness. Borg and his brother Malurz rejoin the conversation. It’s evident that the absense of their father’s corpse worries him. He implores the group to stay and search the rest of the tomb to try and find any sign of who may have done this or why. They agree.

Just before they leave the tomb, Tiaria falls to the ground in terror. When she regains herself she tells the group that she has heard a voice, a scream rather and then dark laughter. She later hears Maybell’s name whispered in her ear. The rest of the group reports not to have heard it at all.

Upon exiting the burial chamber, they traversed the wooden beams again successfully making it to a room full of pillars that hold the skeletons of orcs long dead. They search the room, Tiaria hearing the name Maybell whispered into her ear again, setting her on edge. They make their way through the silent blackness to the main entrance room. They take the only remaining path north. They come to a four way corridor section. Electing to go left, they reach a trapped door, though trapped with what they cannot say. Heading across the main corridor east, they find a door ajar and another room full of burial pillars. Instead of being empty, the room is occupied by three animated corpses and two very strange beings from the Fey Wild called Fell Taint Thought Eaters. After a close call with Niorah (in which she was essentially abandoned by the other two as they went back to the trap door to try and use that to their advantage- which they never ended up doing) the group managed to defeat these beasts.

Moving to an adjoining corridor from that room, the group found a room that was strangely peaceful and relaxing. There was a shallow, seemingly natural looking pool in the middle of the room which Niorah had little trouble avoiding. Tiaria ventured to touch the surface and felt refreshed. Upon Niorah’s urgent request the group left the room, but not before Thelen Vos got a bottle of the strange liquid.

The next room held new foes for the group. More animated corpses roamed the doorway and immediate interior of the room as well as two goblin sharpshooters. These opponents were easily disposed of, thanks to the immensely accurate range of Tiaria, the chaos sparking from Thelen Vos and the pure fighting power of Niorah.



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