Female Half-Orc Fighter


Level 8

Initiative: +13
Strength 20 +9
Constitution 19 +8
Dexterity 16 +7
Intelligence 12 +5
Wisdom 14 +6
Charisma 12 +5


28 Armor Class
20 Fortitude
17 Reflex
16 Will


76 total Hit Points
38 Bloodied
16 Healing Surges per day
15 Hit Point surge value

Skills Trained In


Powers and Feats

At-Will: Reaping Strike, Sure Strike
Encounter:Come and Get It, Get Over Here, Shrewd Repositioning, Steel Serpent Strike, Sweeping Blow
Daily: Crack the Shell, Rain of Steel
Utility: Shrewd Repositioning
Feats: Ambush Tactics, Improved Initiative, Potent Challenge, Quick Draw, Skill Training Dungeoneering

Weapons and Equipment

Bear Claw Necklace
Boots of Adept Charging
Bracers of Defense
Chainmail Gauntlets
Ebon Suit
Great Axe of Terror
Hand Axe
House Keys
Jar of Pickles
Lantern, Oil (8 pints)
Orcish Whiskey
Raven Key
Rope Garrote
Standard Adventurer’s Kit
Talent Shard
Two Boots and Worn Bracers
Wineskin and Hard Liquor


Niorah was born to a human mother at Fort Summit, a military installation nearby the town of Silverclaw and not far from the halfling town of Grasshollow. Growing up at the fort was difficult for a half-orc child such as Niorah, who often got into fights with both her peers and with children much larger than her. Even from a young age she towered over the fully human children and as an adult she stands six feet in height. She excelled in military training, which has instilled in her a sense of combat discipline along with a deep resentment of the structured military system due to their treatment of her and her mother. Because of this she chose not to pursue the life of the soldier and was working as hired muscle before meeting her fellow adventurers.

Her half-orc parentage is a sore spot for Niorah. She is well aware that she was the product of rape by an orc raiding party on her mother’s village. Often times she has wondered if her mother resented her for this fact and has internalized much of this anger and guilt into deep insecurities. Though she knows the orc tongue and possesses many of their mannerisms, she feels no true kinship with the race. In fact, her only personal goal in this adventure is to track down and kill her father, whoever he is, and return to her mother with the good news that they are finally safe.

Niorah has been in a state of continual ostracism throughout most of her life. Though she is half human and half orc she is accepted by neither group. The only positive relationships she has built are with her mother and with her friend Tiaria the halfling. Having once caught Tiaria attempting to steal from the fort armory, the two quickly learned about their commonalities. Both are social pariahs within their communities and they hold deep respect for one another. Niorah treats Tiaria like a sister and is fiercely protective of her. In general, the positive relationships that Niorah makes are very precious to her and she will guard these people jealously.

One of the few things that Niorah takes pleasure in is a good fight. Having always excelled at physical combat, she enjoys the feeling of her two handed war axe slicing through opponents. Her specialty is melee and she does not waste time with shields. She is incredibly strong and uses both her size and her strength to her advantage.

Finally, Niorah has a few quirks and habits. She is a heavy drinker, though due to her size and well-trained liver is rarely seen drunk. She eats sloppily and cares little for personal hygiene. She speaks in a gruff tone and can be very blunt. Niorah enjoys adorning herself with tattoos and war paint, which she uses to increase her intimidation factor. Subconsciously the paint and tattoos could also be interpreted as an attempt to hide her true nature from both the world and herself. Due to her harsh upbringing in which she spent entire days in scorching heat or freezing cold drilling and training, she has an incredible tolerance for temperature extremes and does not fatigue easily. She is also surprisingly light on her feet due to thousands of hours worth of athletics training.

Niorah does not like magic, nor does she like men, straining her relationship with fellow traveler Thelen Vos. Though she initially gave the half-elf sorcerer a chilly reception, she has grown a healthy respect for his damage output and has learned to fight well by his side. They now have a solid working relationship though he often tries her extremely limited patience.

Character Development:

Niorah has recently had several major revelations in her life. First, she has discovered that her mother and father were in love, and her father died shortly after her birth. Her father was Morbash the One-Eyed, chieftan of an orc clan, and was well-respected. Some speculated that he was in fact an aspect of Gruumsh, but this was not taken very seriously and was probably just a joke.

The revelation about her parentage was difficult for Niorah to swallow, having been taught to hate her orcish parentage while never fitting into the human community she was raised in. Her confrontation with her mother Gertrude has also left a sour taste in her mouth, though she has seen and done many things that put her petty issues with her mother in perspective.

As a result of her re-introduction to orcish culture and the truth behind her parentage, Niorah has felt an odd detachment from the gods of her mother’s people. Though this has yet to manifest in any major breaks from Kord (her primary deity), she has begun carving large, single eyes into her axe handle, somewhat absent-mindedly.

Niorah has also recently developed a consuming fear of large bodies of water, as her run-ins with lakes and wells so far have been overwhelmingly negative. This may or may not be contributing to her minor alcoholism.


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